What Is Peestick Paradise?
It's a favorite cyber destination for TTCers looking for a peestick
sightseeing vacation. Take a tour of the peestick gallery, brush up on
your peestick basics, and check out the latest peestick reviews.

But peestick paradise isn't just about peesticks.  You'll also find
information on charting, fertility do-it-yourselfer tricks, pregnancy
symptoms, ovulation, and much more.

Enjoy your stay!  May your next peestick be a BFP!
Top Five Favorite Peesticks  (Pregnancy Tests, That Is)

2. SurePredict

3. EPT

4. CBE Digital with Weeks Indicator

5. First Response Early Response Test  
Meet the Queen
The Queen of Peestick Paradise earned her crown through years of peeing
on a variety of sticks. She is happy to share her wisdom with all loyal
subjects, peestick allies, and enthusiasts.

Her majesty is not a doctor, just a peestick aficionado.  Peestick Paradise is
for fun. If you are seeking medical advice, her royal highness respectfully
suggests you see a doctor, not a website (especially not a website called
Peestick Paradise).  
Peestick Paradise
Are you a Peestickaholic?

Know the warning signs.
  • Do you need an "eyeopener" - do you pee on a stick first thing in
    the morning?

  • Do you pee on sticks alone?

  • Do you have a stash of peesticks in your house that no one
    knows about?

  • Has peeing on a stick ever interfered with your work or social life?

  • Have you ever lied about the number of peesticks you've used?

  • Do you often find yourself saying "just one more..." when faced
    with a BFN?

  • Do you seek out more and more sensitive peesticks, in an
    attempt to get that second line?

  • Have you ever peed on a stick at work?

  • Does the pharmacist know you by name and gets down "your
    brand" before you even belly up to the counter?

  • Do you shop at multiple pharmacies or online so no one knows
    how many peesticks you are buying?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a
peestickaholic.  We don't have meetings, or any real medical advice for
you... but we think you'll enjoy your stay at Peestick Paradise!  Have fun!
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Disclaimer: Always consult
your doctor for medical
advice, not a
website...especially not a
website called Peestick
Paradise.  Copyright 2009
2014. All rights reserved.
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