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Is half a line on a pregnancy test a BFP?

I took a pregnancy test and only half a line appeared. It is thick and
pink, and it showed up in the time limit. Am I pregnant?

I'm sorry to tell you that a half-line on a pregnancy test is an error.
This is assuming you mean it was cut in half horizontally - so it was
a short test line next to the reference line. These happen from time to
time, even on the best brands of tests. It doesn't mean you are not
pregnant... but the information you got from that peestick was about
as accurate as peeing on an actual stick from the tree in your front

Now, if the line was cut in half vertically - meaning it just looked
thinner than the reference line - that is
most likely a BFP. Sometimes
those test lines are thinner, or thicker, than the control line. But they
do always extend all the way up - and should be just as tall as the
reference line on a || test.
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