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Does a BFP after the time limit count?

I think I have a BFP, but the line showed up after the time limit - does
that count?

Don't celebrate quite yet -- but sometimes very early BFPs show up
faintly after the time limit. But it could also be an evap line. As a
general rule,  you shouldn't read tests after the time limit.  In reality,
though, I know many of us stare at them all day long as if we can will
it to turn into a BFP.

Test again tomorrow and see if you have a clearer line. OK, who am I
kidding?  Test again
later today and see if you get a line. Be sure to
hold your pee and not drink too much liquid so you can get a
concentrated sample.

If you don't get BFPs on any of your future tests, it was probably just
an evap. Click
here for more info on evaps.
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