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What is First Response Rapid Response?

I purchased First Response Rapid Response. Is it a sensitive test?

Although the packaging looks very similar to First Response Early
Response, First Response Rapid Response is actually
not an early

It's main selling point is that the results will appear in the test
window in just seconds. But what is the point of saving just a minute
or two of staring at a test window when you can't even test until your
period is due? It isn't a popular test for peestickaholics who start
testing at 6 DPO.   In any case, First Response Rapid Response
tests are designed to be used the day you miss your period (15
DPO).  Like many tests, though, they are often more sensitive than
reported and you can possibly get a BFP sooner. See the
Gallery for pics of a FRRR in action.
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