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What does it mean when HPTs are getting lighter?

I've been testing every day, and I had a good line at 10 DPO, and at
11 DPO... but today, at 12 DPO, my line seems lighter. Does that
mean I am losing this pregnancy?

While it is possible that a lighter line indicates a drop in hcG (and
possible early miscarriage) it could also be two other causes:

* The dye varies from lot to lot, and test to test. It is possible you just
happened to test with a peekstick that had less dye in it.

* Test sensitivity varies from peestick to peestick, although they are
at least as strong as their published standard.

* Your urine could have been less concentrated, making the hcG
levels less concentrated.

Comparing tests, while a common practice of many citizens of
Peestick Paradise, can be frustrating and misleading. As long as
you are getting a line, you should consider yourself pregnant and call
your doctor.
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