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Should I use an HPT if my doctor gave me an hcG
shot to aid in fertility?

My doctor gave me an hcG shot. Are my peestick results still valid?

Depending upon the amount of hcG in the shot, you may be advised
that you need to wait until 14 DPO before you can test. You doctor will
instruct you on when to test, but he or she is unlikely to be a
peestickaholic like many of us here in Peestick Paradise.

Some women start testing with IC's from the day of their hcG shot
until the end of their cycle. This allows them to see the line get
fainter, and so they know the hcG from the shot is leaving their
system. If the line then starts to get darker towards the end of the two
week wait, they can be more confident that it is a real BFP and not
just the leftover hcG from their shot.
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