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Why do I always get a second line on an OPK?

I've been using OPKs to try to time the BDing. There is always a
second line on the OPK, but it never seems positive. What's up with

The fact is, some women never get a positive OPK, but they are still
ovulating. There are two things I will recommend that you try. First, try
a different brand of OPK. They vary in sensitivity so you may do well
with another brand of test. Second, I recommend that you try testing
twice a day. Many women have short LH surge that would be missed
if they weren't testing twice a day.

It is common to always see a second line on an OPK. That is
because most women always have at least a little bit of lutenizing
hormone (LH) in their system.

A third thing you may want to consider is charting. This will help
confirm whether or not you are ovulating. It is possible that you are
not getting a positive OPK because you aren't getting LH surges and
ovulating. If, after a couple months of charting, you find that you are
not ovulating - contact your doctor and bring your charts with you to
the appointment. Your doctor may be able to help you start ovulating
once again.
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