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If I get multiple positive OPKs, could it mean multiple

I usually only get one positive OPK, but this cycle I got two days of
positive OPKs. Did I ovulate twice?  Does that mean if I get pregnant
it could be twins?

Multiple positive OPKs are not associated with multiple ovulation.  
Many women get more than one positive OPK for a variety of
reasons.  Sometimes they catch the surge at the very beginning and
the very end, spanning two days.  Sometimes  their body starts an
LH surge, and for one reason or another, it turns out to be a false

Multiple ovulation occurs within a 24 hour period.   According to
Taking Charge of Your Fertility (by Toni Weschler, MPH), it is believed
that multiple ovulation occurs as frequently as 5-10% of all cycles.  
Most of the time, however, both eggs are not successfully fertilized or
implanted.  Only about 1 in 60 naturally conceived births are twins.

There is really no way to identify multiple ovulation with OPKs,
charting, or fertility signs.   Some women claim they feel ovulation on
both sides and believe that indicates multiple ovulation.  This may
be true, but ovulation pain doesn't always correspond with what is
going on internally.  Frustrating, eh?

So don't go buying two of everything yet, that's all I'm saying...
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