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Can I successfully chart if I snore?

I snore and tend to sleep with my mouth open. Can I still chart?

The key to charting is consistency. Most people that sleep with their
mouths open are still able to see a pattern in their BBT change that
allows them to successfully chart their fertility.

If you are unable to see an ovulatory pattern on your chart, but you
have reason to believe you are ovulating (based on fertility
awareness or OPKs), you may want to try taking your temperature
vaginally. Yeah, if your husband doesn't already think you are crazy -
wait until he sees where you stick a thermometer every morning. The
same rules apply as regular temping, but you will find your
temperatures read a bit higher. Vaginal tempers often find their
temps are more consistent than oral temping. Just one word of
advice: You may want to get a special BBT thermometer and write a
big "V" on it.
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