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Does sperm quality decrease with abstinence?

My husband and I rarely get a chance to DTD because we have two
young children. We really want to add a third, though!! I've heard that
if you don't have sex often enough, the sperm quality goes down. Is
this true?

While it may sound like a ploy by husbands to get wives to "do the
deed" more often, there is actually some truth to it. Fertility
specialists often recommend that men with low sperm counts only
DTD every other day for optimal sperm health. So why isn't a longer
interval of abstinence even better? If waiting one day helps sperm,
waiting 20 days should make for super sperm, right? Eh... not so

Here's an article  that explains it better than I can...

Basically, it's worth it to try to DTD once a week or so, even when you
aren't fertile, just to keep the sperm in good shape. Not to mention,
it's good for your marriage too. But, if prolonged abstinence is
unavoidable (due to a partner being away on business, for example)
encourage your husband to, um,  "handle things" himself.
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