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How do I check CM?

I've heard that cervical mucus is a good way to predict when you
should have sex in order to get pregnant. How do I check my cervical

Cervical mucus (or CM as many TTCers prefer to call it... it just
sounds nicer to not have to say 'mucus') is indeed a great way to
gauge how fertile you are at any point during your cycle. As with most
rules of fertility awareness, the key is to know your own body and
patterns. This may mean you'll need to keep track of your CM for a
couple of cycles before you get the hang of it.

Basically, the wetter and more slippery and stretchy the CM, the
more fertile it is. If you are dry, you are probably not at your most
fertile. Same with stick, CM, which isn't a very fertile environment
either. What you are looking for is "wet" or (even better) "egg white
cervical mucus" or "EWCM". EWCM signals that your body is fertile.
What makes EWCM distinct is it's ability to stretch. Put some on your
fingers, and then pull your fingers apart. Does it stretch? Several
inches? If so, you've hit the TTC cm gold!! Grab your DP and head for
the bedroom.

Some women never get EWCM. This doesn't necessarily mean
there is a fertility problem, but it could theoretically make it harder to
conceive. EWCM helps nourish and transport spermies... the wet
stuff works too, it just doesn't work quite as efficiently. If you are a bit
dry down below, you may want to try a product such as pre-seed to
help. It's a lube that doesn't hurt sperm...

What is most important is that you learn to recognize the type of CM
that is your most fertile. It may be EWCM. You may get it for several
days, or you may just get it the day before you O. CM alone isn't as
useful as CM tracking combined with charting and/or using OPKs.

By the way, a good source of info and pictures of CM is the book
Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

Enjoy the world of mucus.
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