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Can I chart if I don't sleep well at night?

I am trying to chart, but I have a 11-month old that co-sleeps with us.
He doesn't sleep very well - and wakes for nursing several times
throughout the night. So I never get the three or four solid hours of
sleep recommended to take my BBT accurately. Should I even
bother charting?

You aren't alone. Lots of moms find they don't sleep more than a
couple hours at a time - especially if they have young children who
nurse throughout the night or need some extra attention to get to
sleep and stay asleep.

The key to successful charting is to try to be as consistent as
possible. Take your temperature at roughly the same time every
morning and under the same conditions. The odds are, you'll see a
pattern. (If you are nursing, you may or may not be ovulating... but
don't let that stop you from nursing! You'll drop an egg when your
body is good and ready.)
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