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Could I still be pregnant even though I got AF?

I got my period, but I am still pretty sure I am pregnant. Is this

Possible? Yes. Probable? No.

Some women, a small minority, do experience regular bleeding
throughout a pregnancy. It is not their period, but rather
pregnancy-related bleeding that looks like their period. Often,
bleeding in pregnancy can signify a placenta issue (such as
placenta previa). Sometimes the bleeding indicates a threatened
miscarriage. Sometimes the bleeding is benign and the cause is
unknown. Bleeding during pregnancy should always be reported to
the doctor immediately to rule out any problems.

Now... you asked this question because you got your period but you
still think you are pregnant. I'll assume you've done the obvious,
which is pee on a stick, and ended up with a BFN. Statistically, the
odds are that you are not pregnant. However... peesticks are not
100% accurate. The only way to be certain about your pregnancy
status is to have a blood test done.

Some doctors will scoff at the idea of doing a blood draw if you've
gotten BFNs on home pregnancy tests. I've heard plenty of stories
from women who were denied the blood test and required to do a
peestick test at the doctor's office instead. If your OB/GYN does this
to you -- ask your family doctor for the blood test instead. Sometimes
they don't have as strict of a policy on pregnancy testing protocols as
OB/GYNs do (who, in their defense, probably get at least dozen calls
a day from women thinking they are pregnant, but keep getting BFNs
- and 99% of those women aren't pregnant.)

Not to keep pimping the idea of charting.  But if you were charting you
could feel more confident in your pregnancy status. If your temps
remained high there would be a chance of pregnancy.  If your temps
dropped down low  
and you got AF and you had BFNs... well, I wish I
had the amount of optimism necessary to believe you could still be
pregnant... but I'm not Tiny Tim.  I'd have to side with Scrooge on this

So... to answer your question, YES. It is possible to get (what
appears to be) your period but still be pregnant. It is even remotely
possible to get your period AND get BFNs, and still be pregnant. If it
weren't possible, TLC wouldn't have been able to make their "I Didn't
Know I Was Pregnant" series. But, hey, those women are so
unusual that they made a television show about them.
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