What time of day do I use an OPK?
Why do I always get a second line on an OPK?
What is the best brand of OPK?
If I get multiple positive OPKs, could it mean multiple ovulations?
Can I use an OPK as an HPT?

When should I expect a BFP?
Is half a line on a pregnancy test a BFP?
Does a BFP after the time limit count?
What is First Response Rapid Response?
Does a short LP mean I can test earlier?
What does it mean when HPTs are getting lighter?
Should I use an HPT if my doctor gave me a hcG shot?

General TTC
How can I take a good picture of my peestick?
Does sperm quality decrease with abstinence?
Does "just relaxing" really aid fertility?
To Douche or Not to Douche, That is the Question.
Should I chart during AF?
How do I check CM?
Can I chart if I don't sleep well at night?
Could I still be pregnant even though I got AF?
What does it mean if you have midcycle spotting?
Is an implantation dip a good sign?
How long will it take to get pregnant?
Can I successfully chart if I snore?
How long can sperm live?
Is it possible to get pregnant while nursing?
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