Am I Pregnant?

How long does it take to get pregnant?
On average, for a healthy couple, it can take about six months. Here is a
breakdown of when couples get their BFP:
  • 25% get BFP in the first month
  • 60% get BFP by six months
  • 75% get BFP by nine months
  • 80% get BFP by twelve months
  • 90% get BFP by eighteen months

Will I be able to tell I am pregnant before I get a BFP?
If you don't believe your peesticks, you aren't alone. It isn't just ttc-
psychosis, many woman claim they can tell they are pregnant before their
peesticks confirm it.

Most signs of pregnancy, however, come AFTER you get a positive HPT.
The reason?  The hormones that give you pregnancy symptoms are the
same hormones that trigger a BFP.

The doesn't stop the citizens of Peestick Paradise from obsessing on
every possible symptom every month.  So, to indulge those of you in the
two week wait, here is a list of pregnancy symptoms.  Keep in mind, every
woman (and every pregnancy) is different.

Something is Different

This is really the most important early pregnancy symptom and it is
different for every woman. Part of the great thing about
charting and fertility
awareness is that you will be able to pick up on a pregnancy earlier than
most.  You will notice if something is different - such as a change in the
typical pre-AF CM pattern, sore breasts when they usually aren't sore, or a
lack of typical pre-menstrual cramps. Of course, for the long-time ttc'er it is
easy to convince yourself that you are pregnant every single cycle.  And,
truly, you should treat your body as if you ARE pregnant because
hopefully, you are!  Know yourself, your body, and your cycles well... then
try to take a very honest look at your symptoms before jumping to any
conclusions.  And, hold off on the celebration until you get some good
clear BFPs (and/or confirmation from your doctor).

Implantation Bleeding

This occurs at around 8-10 DPO.  Although this is rarer then some ttc-
circles would lead you to believe, it does occasionally occur.  It is usually
a light spotting, sometimes only visible when wiping.  It is the result of the
embryo implanting itself in the uterine wall and displacing or loosening
some of the uterine lining in the process.  Most pregnant cycles, however,
show no implantation bleeding.

Tender Breasts

This can occur as early as 9 or 10 DPO, although it typically occurs closer
to the missed period (if it occurs at all).  This is one of the most common
early pregnancy symptoms.


Women prone to headaches may find themselves suffering due to the
changes in hormones.  This can occur as early as 10 DPO.

Implantation Dip

A controversial sign of pregnancy.  Most charters do not see a dip on their
pregnancy chart.  Some see dips on non-pregnancy charts.  Still, the
theory is that a dip in temperature at around 6-9 DPO is a sign of

High Temperatures

If you're charting and your temperature is higher past a date when it
usually drops, this could be a sign of pregnancy. Temperatures typically
remain higher throughout the pregnancy, although there is some variation
from day to day.

Frequent Urination

Although some frequent pee'ers swear this is an early pregnancy sign,
most women don't notice an increase in urination until they are at least 6
weeks pregnant.


Making a baby is hard.  Many women report feeling extra tired in the two
week wait that they get pregnant.  (Other women say they have more
energy than usual.  So go figure.)


Morning sickness doesn't usually show up until well after you get a BFP -
often at around 6 weeks pregnant (or two weeks after you missed your
period).  Some unlucky ladies experience nausea as soon as their
hormones begin to change.  They may be in for a long first trimester.

Lower Backache

Many women experience a lower backache early in pregnancy due to
hormones and their associated changes. Most women, however, do not
experience a lower backache until later into the pregnancy when their
growing babies force their backs into strange postures. Early lower
backaches tend to of the crampy variety, while later backaches tend to feel
more like a pulled muscle or sharper pain.

Missed Period

If you are hanging around Peestick Paradise, you've probably tested about
a dozen times before you have even missed your period.  But for those
less obsessed, a missed period is often the first symptom of pregnancy.
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