HPT Sensitivities
How early you can expect a BFP depends largely on how sensitive the
pregnancy test is.  Below are estimates of sensitivity for various peesticks.  
These estimates are based in manufacturer information, and can vary from
test to test. Also, if a manufacturer says their sensitivity is 50 miU, that
means they have to be at least that sensitive.  Often tests are much more
sensitive then they are advertised.

Generally, to be considered an "early" test, the test must be sensitive to 25
miU or less.

For the most up-to-date test sensitivity information, call the manufacturer of
the test in question.  Most tests come with an 800 number, and you'll find
the operators will either be very helpful or they will tell you that you are crazy
for even asking.  Either way, it's a free call.

Sensitivity Level of Various Pregnancy Tests
Aimstick  20
Answer (Early) 25
ClearBlue Easy Digital 25
CBE Digital Weeks: 10 -156 = 1-2 weeks; 156-2600 = 2-3 weeks;
                                    2600+ = 3+ weeks

CVS 25
Eckerd One Step 50
EPT 25
Equate 25
First Response Digital  18
First Response Early Result 25 (reports as low as 6)
First Response Rapid Result 50
OSOM 10-20
SurePredict 10
Walgreens  50

For some "real world" peestick data, check out
this chart.  This data is from
a pregnancy in 2009.  Of course, your results may vary, but you'll see that
FRER was a surprisingly late BFP compared to other brands.
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