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These reviews are based on the queen's experience.  Everyone has a favorite
peestick, and it seems that certain brands work better for certain pee'ers.  Just
pee far and wide and you'll find a favorite brand all your own.

First Response Early Results (FRER)
The queen used to call these "The Cadillac of Peesticks".  She was a big fan of
FRER tests, as were/are many ttc'ers.  For the queen's first pregnancy in 2007,
they were among the earliest tests that gave a BFP.  Her opinion changed,
however, with her second pregnancy in 2009.  For super-early pregnancy
detection, FRERs were surprising under-performers.   They were about the last
test to give the queen a clear BFP. They didn't give a nice dark line until 11 DPO
(which is totally acceptable to most 'normals'.)  See
this chart for details.

Once lines began to appear, they were so unbelievably light that if the queen
wasn't a seasoned peestick squinter it would have assumed that they were
BFNs.  Yes, it is possible that the queen got a few boxes from a bad batch,
however we've gotten e-mails from several citizens of Peestick Paradise who
had the same experience.  A few years ago, they found FRER gave the best
early lines.  Now, they found FRER gave the
lightest early lines and those lines
were showing up
later than before.

The good news is, FRERs still rarely create evaporation lines or errors.  If you
get a line with an FRER you can be pretty confident that it's the real deal.  They
are all around good and reliable tests, but no longer the queen's favorite.   

The Queen's Evaluation: B

Sensitivity: 25  

FRERs are available
here in the TTC store!

First Response Rapid Results
Why was this test created?  It is a fine test, although not an early test.  
Unfortunately, its packaging looks so similar to FRER  that many peestick
fanatics have accidentally grabbed an FRRR instead of an FRER in their
peestick buying frenzy.  Yes, the results show up within seconds... BUT you
have to wait until you period is due before you test, so what is the point?  
(Although you are supposed to wait until 15 DPO with FRRR, the queen got a
BFP at 12 DPO with this test in her first pregnancy and at 10 DPO with her

The Queen's Evaluation: C+

Sensitivity: 50

First Response Digital
A relative newcomer to the digital market, FRED gives you a clear "Yes+" or
"No+".  While they claim to be sensitive at a level of 18 - which is more sensitive
than the advertised standard of the CBE Digital - the FRED didn't give the queen
a positive until 10 DPO.  The CBE Digital beat it out by one day.  While the queen
hasn't had any problems with this test, there have been some reports of false
positives.  These are likely rare, but the word on the street is that it can
happen.  Just don't crack open the test and expect the lines to mean anything.
Peestick Basics.)

The Queen's Evaluation: B

Sensitivity: 25

The queen recently discovered OSOM tests.  What does OSOM stand for? Who
knows... but it should be pronounced "awesome".   They are unique for their
black dye instead of the standard pink or blue.  From the queen's experience
and feedback from Peestick Paradise citizens, evaps are
extremely rare.  In
fact, many have found that if a line shows up after the allotted time frame, it is
likely an early BFP.  

This is a cassette card style HPT, meaning you get to feel like a scientist and
use a little pipette to drop the urine onto the test.  It is, hands down, the most
sensitive test ever used by the queen.  The package insert claims 100% of the
tests register positive at 20, and a shocking 60% of the tests register at 10.  A
number of hardcore peestick users have found the test gave them a line when
blood tests confirmed levels of 6 and 7.  In the queens experience, the OSOM
gave a line (after the time limit) at 7 DPO.    Other tests didn't register true
positives until 9 DPO.  See
this chart for details on it's awesomeness.

Of course, many will argue this test is "too sensitive".  Sadly, many early
pregnancies end in miscarriage and most women wouldn't be aware they were
ever pregnant without such early tests.  So this test isn't for the faint of heart.  
Also, certain women and certain medical conditions can cause a slightly
elevated non-pregnant level of hcG to always be present in the system, and
these tests could provide misleading results for such women.

OSOMs are sold through medical suppliers as they are intended for hospital and
doctor's office use.  While my review is about the "urine" test, there is also a
"combo" test that will allow you to test with your blood serum, if you are so
brave and impatient.  

The Queen's Evaluation: A

Sensitivity: 10-20

OSOMs are available
here in the TTC store!

One of the most reliable of the blue-dyed tests. This is an early test that gave
the queen a BFP at 9 DPO with both pregnancies! Blue dye tests in general have
a reputation for giving evaps more often than pink dyed test - but EPT seems to
avoid most of this negative reputation.  The lines are  dark when they are a BFP,
and produced much clearer results than the FRER.

The Queen's Evaluation: A-

Sensitivity: 25

EPTs are available
here in the TTC store!

Technically an IC - but it is expensive for an IC.  Aimsticks are dip tests
(meaning you pee into a cup, then dip the test).  They are cheaper than FRER
and claim results that are just as early. In the queen's first pregnancy (2007),
however, FRER, EPT, and CBE Digitals all gave positives before Aimstick did...
but just by a day.  In her second pregnancy (2009) Aimstick gave a clear BFP at
9 DPO - even earlier than FRER and the same time as EPT and CBE Digitals.  The
queen would rate these an A if it weren't for the fact that they do sometimes
develop evaps.

The Queen's Evaluation: B+

Sensitivity: 20

Aimsticks are available
here at Babyhopes!

Clear Blue Easy Digital (and "Advanced" with weeks)
Digital tests have come a long way, baby.  Now they give you clear an accurate
result as early as their lined counterparts. A CBE Digital gave the queen a
positive at 9 DPO in both her pregnancies. Just don't crack open the test and
expect the lines to mean anything. (See
Peestick Basics.) This is the queen's
favorite digital test.

A newer version of this test
, called Clearblue Advanced,  is out that has a
weeks indicator. Here is the CBE Digital Weeks Breakdown

The test reads 1-2 weeks pregnant at a HCG of 10-156, this actually means 3-4

A reading of 2-3 is a HCG of 156-2600, this is for women who are 4-5 weeks

Finally a reading of 3+ weeks is any result over 2600 and you would be 5+

Here is the official FDA trial report on this fancy peestick:  

Here is an important tidbit from that:

While my personal experience with the CBE Digital has been good and right on
target (at 14 DPO, my test went from 1-2 weeks to 2-3 weeks) many other
women don't find the test dates their pregnancy accurately.   In fact, the FDA
report says
"Agreement of Weeks Estimator results with clinical
findings ranged widely from 45 -99%"

There is all kinds of data to be had, if you are curious, on the FDA report.

The Queen's Evaluation: A

Sensitivity: 25

CBE Digitals are available
here in the TTC store!

Almost as early and reliable as FRER, but usually cheaper.  The queen has
always had a soft spot for Answer tests, and rarely hears reports of evaps off
this brand. The body of the test is identical to FRER, but "pregnant" and "not
pregnant" is written out on the test in both English and Spanish (at least in the
queen's neck of the woods).  Answer tests seem to suffer to same "too light of
a line" phenomenon as the FRERs, but they also enjoy a good reputation for rare

The Queen's Evaluation: B-

Sensitivity: 25

Answer HPTs are available
here in the TTC store!

This test does not have a good reputation in Peestick Paradise, or in most ttc
circles. Known for evaps and errors, most peestickaholics avoid Accuclear
tests.  It must be noted, however, that some ttc'ers swear by Accuclear and
say they get their earliest positives from this brand. You can see examples of
Accuclear evaps

The Queen's Evaluation: D

Sensitivity: 50

Equate (Pink)
A plus/minus test with pink dye - a novelty!  The queen has gone through many
boxes of equates and never had an evap, despite the closest of scrutiny.
Theseare not marketed as early tests, but citizens of Peestick Paradise have
gotten a BFP as early as 10 DPO with Equate. Their sensitivity is also rated at
an early-test level.

The Queen's Evaluation: A-

Sensitivity: 25

Equate (Blue)
One blue-dyed manufacturer sells under many names, including Target,
Walgreens, and Equate.  These blue-dyed tests claim to have results as early
as 5 days before the missed period.  In the queens experience, these do indeed
give results that early - and the BFPs come up quickly and clearly.  
Unfortunately, they are extremely prone to evaps. The queen gets a line (faint
but definitely there) about 50% of the time when not pregnant.  So if you use
this test, make sure the line comes up almost immediately and is dark before you
celebrate.  Or, better, yet, back up the results with another test.

The Queen's Evaluation: C-

Sensitivity: 25

IC (Internet Cheapies)
It's hard to get too upset at evaps or other issues when the tests are only 50
cents a piece.  ICs are a staple for most peestickaholics who want to start
testing at 5 DPO, and test with FMU...then SMU...then 3MU and 4MU. Yes, these
tests are more prone to evaps and errors - but if you follow the instructions,
don't read the test after the time limit, and don't scan the test and then adjust the
contrast to look  for a line, you'll be just fine.  Still... if you think you see a line -
back it up with an FRER or other higher-quality test before making a beeline for
your nearest maternity store.

The Queen's Evaluation: B- (given extra credit for low cost)

Sensitivity: varies  ICs sold
here are rated at 20.


My expectations were not high for this test. I've tried other supposed 10 miu ICs
and have found the lines to be very light even when getting good positives on
other tests, and also found them to be prone to evaps.  SurePredict suprised

The day I got a very light line with an FRER (I was 9 DPO) I tried a SurePredict.  I
was using dilute afternoon urine, and yet got a good thick and very pink line!  It
appeared within three minutes and quickly darkened to a deeper shade of pink
than even my FRER had that morning.  Nice!   I was very impressed.  In the
same urine, Wondfo gave me a negative!  
 Not only are these tests very
sensitive, they also develop lines quicky, are not prone to evaps (in my
experience), and the lines are darker than other sensitive tests making them
easier to read.

The Queen's Evaluation: A  (maybe A+)


urePredict HPTs are available here in the TTC store!

Disclaimer: Always consult
your doctor for medical
advice, not a
website...especially not a
website called Peestick
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