Does a short LP mean I can test earlier?

Does a short LP mean I can test earlier?

The test says I can test 5 days before my missed period. I have a 12 day luteal phase and get my period at 13 DPO. Does this mean I can start testing at 8 DPO?

You can start testing anytime you want as far as the Queen is concerned. BUT, it isn’t typical to see results before 10 DPO. In fact, some don’t see results until 12 DPO.

The length of your LP has nothing to do with when the peestick
tests will be able to pick up a pregnancy.

Regardless of your LP, your body needs time to build up enough hcG to trigger a positive test. When a test says it can detect a pregnancy 5 days before a missed period, it is assuming a “typical” cycle with a 14 day LP and AF showing up at 15 DPO. This would make 10 DPO the first ‘reasonable’ test date for those tests.

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