What is the best brand of OPK?

What is the best brand of OPK?

This will be my first time using ovulation prediction tests. Which brand is best?

I can tell you my personal favorite brand are the cheapies sold by . I like them because they are cheap. Honestly. That is a biggest selling point for me. I often test twice a day, to make sure I don’t miss a short surge, so I can go through a lot of tests in a single cycle. If I buy a name brand test and pay $22 for a box of 7 OPKs… well, you can see how quickly the costs would add up. Babyhopes cheapie OPKs you can get 14 for $7.99… or 100 for $60 (plus 10 HPTs for even more fun with pee)!  These are dip tests – meaning you have to collect your pee in a cup and then dip the strip. But who needs a big plastic casing when all we really want is that test strip?

While I’ve always had excellent results with the cheapies, not everyone in TTC-land agrees. Some people prefer Answer brand OPKs, or First Response, or Clear Blue Easy brand OPKs. Just like HPTs, different OPKs have different levels of sensitivity. Unlike HPTs, having a super-sensitive OPK isn’t necessarily a good thing. It could always look positive – or you may have a week of positive tests and not be sure when you actually Oed. There is no one brand of OPK that is best for all women. It really depends on so many factors – including how often you want to test, how much you want to spend, and how strong of an LH surge you get before you ovulate.

So my advice is to start with either the cheapies… or if you prefer to not use a dip test, try the Clear Blue Easy OPKs (which have a pretty good reputation). Once you find one you like, it is best to stick with it. You’ll be come familiar with what a positive result looks like for a particular brand and will become more confident in interpreting the results.

Keep in mind, there are other ways to predict ovulation, including saliva ferning and fertility monitors.  (Both can be found in the TTC Store under “Ovulation Tests”.) There is no foolproof prediction method, just different levels of probability.  The truth is, no method can tell you with 100% certainty that you are about the ovulate.  Only your egg knows that, and she’s not talking.  Usually a combination of methods is the best bet (such as monitoring CM and also using OPKs.)

Good luck – and have fun peeing on sticks!

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