How can I take a good picture of my peestick?

How can I take a good picture of my peestick?

I visit a lot of message boards and I am always amazed that ladies seem to get such great pictures of their peesticks. Mine are always blurry. Any tips?

How did people obsess on peesticks before digital photography? (They probably had to wait until they missed their period to even test. And they rode to the local midwivery in their horseless carriage. Haha. Olden times…)

Anyway, here are a few tips for taking a great picture of your pregnancy test or other peestick:

– Use the macro setting on your camera (it probably looks like a flower)

– If possible, take a picture of your peestick in natural lighting. So what if the neighbors think you are crazy taking a picture of a peestick out on your deck… your picture will look great and be ready for sharing and obsessing.

– If natural light isn’t a possibility, at least place your peestick in good bright lighting. Bright is good because you don’t want to use your flash when you take the picture, it’ll blow out the peestick window and you won’t be able to see any lines at all.

– Turn off the flash.

– Sometimes, peesticks look good with a contrasting background. I don’t mean giving them a cheesy Olan Mills backdrop of a waterfall. I mean putting your peestick down on a dark piece of paper before you take the picture. Alternatively, sometimes taking the picture on a bright white paper helps the faintest of faint lines stick out.

-Be sure your camera focuses before you take the picture. Assuming you have autofocus on your camera, you can press the shutter halfway down and let it focus before you fully depress the button and take the picture.

-Some ladies have good luck with scanners. They best way I have found to scan is to put a dark piece of paper behind the peestick. Your results may vary, though.

-Ta-da! Now that you have your great peestick picture, tweak away! Just be sure to keep a copy of the “original” so you can remind yourself of what it looked like before you adjusted the contrast and saturation to a point beyond recognition.

– Sign up with photobucket (or similar free website) to post your pictures on forums or send them out to everyone on your Christmas list. Some forums will require that you post a link. Other forums will let you copy the IMG text and paste that directly in your post, which will magically turn into a picture of your peestick right in your post!

Now that you have a great peestick picture, go post it on your favorite ttc forum so we can obsess along with you.

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