How long can sperm live after DTD?

How long can sperm live after DTD?

Due to my husband being out of town, we were only able DTD once – and it was four days before I ovulated. Is there any chance the sperm could live that long?

“They” say, sperm can live up to five days in the right environment. (“They” are Sperm Life Expectancy Experts and they wear white lab coats.  There’s a job title that would impress the in-laws.)  The right environment means fertile quality CM.  While such a long life expectancy is possible, “they” also say that three days is a more realistic expectation for most couples. If you have almost no CM, or dry sticky CM, then the life expectancy can be greatly shortened to just a couple of hours.  If this is the case, a product like Pre-Seed can help.

So they key factor is your CM.  If you have great EWCM, the sperm will kick up their feet (or tails) and just chill out.  Maybe they’ll chat with other sperm (which is socially awkward because they are all attracted to the same egg).  Maybe they’ll just practice their pick up lines in a mirror as they wait for the egg’s arrival. Maybe they play golf in tiny one-legged plaid pants.  I don’t know what the sperm do with their free time. All that matters is that they can survive in fertile CM for several days.

So to answer your question – if you had good quality CM when you DTD, then it is entirely possible the sperm survived until ovulation. Only time, and/or a lot of peesticks, will tell if you caught the egg.

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