Evaporation Lines

Cruel, cruel evaporation lines.  They have broken many ttc’ers hearts.  Here is how to spot an evaporation line:
  • If the line isn’t the right color (pink or blue, depending on the test) it is probably an evaporation line.
  • If the line looks like a dent in the test, it is probably an evaporation line.
  • If the line showed up after the test dried, it is probably an evaporation line
  • If you had to take apart the test, hold it up to the light, and squint your eyes *just so* in order to see it, it is probably an evaporation line.

Prone to Evaps?
Many frequent pee’ers have found that certain tests seem to be more prone to evaporation lines than others.  The truth is, evaporation lines are very rare IF directions are closely followed.

Tests that seem to get more complaints about evaps than others include:

  • Blue dyed tests
  • Internet cheapies
  • Accuclear

Of course, some pee’ers say the above tests give them the best and earliest results. The one sure way to not get an evap? Go digital!  (But where is the sport in that?)

Pictures of Evaps
Squint if you must.  All of these tests have lines… none of them are real BFPs.