TTC Acronyms

Babymakers online seem to speak a foreign language – the language of acronyms. Are we too tired from BDings to type out the words Baby Dancing? Whatever the reason, you do have to admit that EWCM sounds nicer that Egg White Cervical Mucus.  If you find yourself on one of the many ttc message boards or websites, the following should keep you from saying “WTH?”

2WW = Two Week Wait. This is the period of time between ovulation and when you can test. For a lot of us peestickaholics, a one week wait is more accurate.

AF = Aunt Flo (aka your period, aka your nemesis)

BBT = Basal Body Temperature.  In fertility charting, this is your temperature when you first wake up in the morning. Before you even move an inch – don’t even blink your eyes.

BD = Baby Dance (sex). OK, it only saves us one letter to use this acronym.
BFN = Big Fat Negative (peestick test result)

BFP = Big Fat Positive (peestick test result) Baby jackpot!

CD = Cycle Day. CD1 is the first day of your period. Ovulation often occurs around CD 12-16.  When TTC, your mood and what you are doing with your free time is often dependent upon your CD.

CM = Cervical Mucus.  The wetter and stretchier, the more fertile it is. Not something you ever thought you’d be talking openly about on a message board, but when you’re TTC you gotta pay attention to your CM.

CP = Cervical Position. Reached for and pondered by many, understood by few. CP is a fertility sign sometimes used by women practicing fertility awareness.

DH = Dear Husband

DP = Dear Partner

DPO =  Days Past Ovulation. Used in the tww. As in “I’m 3 DPO, can I POAS yet?”  (Answer: “You can always POAS, but at 3 DPO a BFN is inevitable.”)

DTD = Do The Deed, sex

EPT = Early Pregnancy Test.  A brand of test where a blue cross means you’re knocked up.

EWCM =  Egg White Cervical Mucus.  This is the fertile stuff that shows up just before ovulation.

FMU =  First Morning Urine.  Liquid gold for peestickaholics.

FRED = First Response Digitals.

FRER = First Response Early Results.

FRRR =  First Response Rapid Results.  Sometimes mistakenly purchased rather than FRER due to similar packaging.  Test results are fast… but compared to FRER, you have to wait five more days before you can test.

hCG = Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The sought-after pregnancy hormone that turns ordinary peesticks into BFPs suitable for framing.

HPT = Home Pregnancy Test. Everyone’s favorite kind of peestick.

IC  =  Internet Cheapie.  A low cost peestick (which has to be dipped in a cup rather than peed upon) favored by many frequent pee’ers due to it’s low cost.

LP = Luteal Phase.  The second part of the menstrual cycle – the time between ovulation and AF.

O = Ovulation. The “big O” has a different meaning to TTCers.

OPK = Ovulation Predictor Kit. Although people generally use OPK to mean a single test,they are typically sold in large multi-paks (or kits) as it usually takes many days of peeing on OPKs to get a positive.

POAS = Pee On A Stick. Peestickaholics consider peeing onto anything other than a stick to be a waste of perfectly good urine.

SMU = Second Morning Urine.  FMU’s underrated cousin.

TCOYF = Taking Charge of Your Fertility. An often cited book in TTC circles.

TTC = Trying To Conceive (a baby, that is)

TTW = Two Week Wait. (see 2ww)